Teaching is the most important thing I do. I spend a fair amount of my time working on and thinking about teaching, either through the Dartmouth math department’s teaching or TA seminars or with the folks at DCAL.

Dartmouth College

I taught Math 31, Topics in Algebra, in the summer of 2020. This course was remote.

I taught Math 1 in the fall of 2019, and many of my course materials can be found on the course webpage.

The Dartmouth math department’s teaching seminar culminates in two, week-long math camps. In 2019, we ran one week on Networks in the Real World, and one week on A Mathematical Approach to Winning.

At Dartmouth, I have also been the TA for Math 24, Math 13 twice, and Math 11. At Dartmouth, graduate TAs are responsible for office-hour like sessions we call tutorials, and grading exams.

Williams College

I had a number of instructional experiences during my undergraduate years at Williams College. These included twice being the TA for discrete math courses, once being the lab TA for a data sciences course, and being a tutor in many capacities; for calculus as part of the college’s central clearinghouse, and for chemistry and physics for high schoolers.