This page serves as a landing spot for my interests outside of math (or at least, outside of my math research). I love playing squash, and occasionally enjoy running. I am very lucky to be able to get outside and hike in the beautiful mountains and trails of New England; I also occasionally bike and paddle. I track some of my activity on Strava.

I love reading and learning new ideas, from books, articles, or anything else (and I particularly like recommendations of others). I track my reading (fairly closely) on Goodreads, if you are interested. If you have anything you have read recently and enjoyed, please let me know! I also write about what I read and my thoughts on the blog.

I have tried to increasingly connect to the natural world in the past couple years, through the identification of a number of species each year (challenges motivate me). You can see my progress towards 222 species on the year here, and the information I record about my birdwatching here.

Finally, I have a number of talented friends and acquaintances I have met throughout the years. Check out what they are working on!